Pavonine Teaser

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PAVONINE Pure. Positive. Energy.

Completely customisable in terms of colour and visual design.

Pavonine Gray Bike

isn't just a bike

PAVONINE is an everyday bike suited for everyone. It is user-friendly, requires little maintenance, and can always be perfectly personalised to the needs of its owner.

Pavonine Gold Bike

is much more ...

PAVONINE can be fitted with a variety of accessories, making it suitable for many different tasks. It also comes as an e-bike. Both versions use the same standardised connections enabling the driver to use the same accessories while switching between bikes.


A carbon drive belt is PAVONINE's clean and low-maintenance solution for power transmission.

Pavonine Construction

The mechanical and functional parts are all encapsulated in the frame, protecting them from dirt and damage.


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